Senator says slipper must stand down on NPA

Senator says slipper must stand down on NPA

Paddy Doherty has confirmed that the Government has accepted that there was a slipper issue in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but has not said why.

But in a statement issued just hours before the election, Mr Doherty told 7.강릉안마30 he was not certain what was behind the controversy which has overshadowed the campaign so far and will come home to bite him on the ass.

“In the past, no politician or staff has ever questioned the integrity of the system in place during the 1바카라980s. My understanding is this issue is part of an investigation in relation to possible wrongdoing by a former Labour State Services minister.

“The Government is currently engaged with this matter in detail.

“The Government will not have a change of heart on the issue because it has acted on the recommendations from this inquiry and all independent inquiries which have looked into the matter. We have been very clear we do not believe the process involved in the past, and we have acted appropriately under the process then.”

In 2008, Mr Doh천안출장샵erty also admitted that he and some of his staff took their shoes off after a Labor event and a State Services Minister later apologised for that, and that Mr Doherty believed his actions may have created a reputation as being an untrustworthy witness.

He denied that he had done anything to cause the scandal, and described his role as deputy prime minister as “part of a general process of change”.

Last night, it was revealed that an independent inquiry on the matter had been shelved at the suggestion of a senior senior Cabinet minister.

He said Mr Doherty’s statement could come […]

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