Indigenous artists get will help preserve our cultural heritage

Indigenous artists get will help preserve our cultural heritage.

In a move to encourage better collaboration and more cultural exchange, I am pleased to announce the addition of the Aboriginal Arts Exchange (AAE) to the College of Arts and Sciences. The AAE has long been a long overdue addition to the College, as there are so few Indigenous artists on campus. The AAE will offer opportunities to engage artists working in different disciplines to share resources and collaborate on projects. This will increase interdisciplinary exchange and ensure the College feels part of the larger Indigenous community. In addition to receiving funding from the Canadian Heritage, the AAE will provide access to academic departments of the University for Indigenous artists and scholars.

This agreement follows the completion of an assessment that identified several needs for the AAE, including funding. This assessment was prompted by the fact that the academic experience for many people of colour remains undervalued, and an adequate representation of Indigenous people is missing from many d더킹카지노epartments, including English and Art. I believe our relationship with Indigenous peoples is critical to building strong relationships that will benefit both our students and the community as a whole. The AAE will serve to foster greater exchanges between arts and technology professionals in each department, helping to expand the community of scholars at the University.

I am also pleased to recognize those who have worked tirelessly to bring the AAE and the Art Gallery together. These are just a few members of the Indigenous Artists’ Committee of the Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada Office, whose work supports the AAE’s mission to support and empower Indigenous artists in Canada.

There are many important steps ahead. A letter was sent to the members of the AAE, a plan has been put together for next year and funding is on the way. The AAE will continue to provide opportunities for Indigenous students and agospelhitzrt professionals to be heard by the College. It is clear the College appreciates the importance of a strong relationship with Indigenous artists and artists within its community, and it is very much in the interests of the students and art professionals in this regard that the AAE and the Art Gallery become a partner, not just friends.

With this agreement, I am proud to present a new model for future collaborat바카라ions between our communities. Under the AAE model, we create and continue to operate the institution of the Arts at the College of Arts and Sciences, where Indigenous artists from across the world find themselves at the centre of interdisciplinary collaboration. The partnership will ensure a stronger connection with Canadian communities and an increasingly better relationship between Indigenous communities and our international partners.

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